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Title: (NOTE: This article directly promotes my METABOLIC SURGE program) - Pizza, French Fries, Beer and Other Diet Foods...
Teaser Copy: How to eat your favorite junk food by the ton and still lose all the fat you want!
Redirect Link:

Title: My Top 10 Favorite Diet Foods Of All Time
Teaser Copy: Dieting doesn't have to be a painful experience! Check out this top 10 list of my all-time favorite diet foods and prepare yourself for maximum results.
Redirect Link:

Title: The Great Big List of Calorie-Free Foods
Teaser Copy: Ever wish there were foods you could eat that didn't contain any calories? Wish no longer. These foods don't contain a single calorie and can be eaten guilt-free.
Redirect Link:

Title: A Bitingly Sarcastic Look at Useless Supplements and Worthless Training Equipment
Teaser Copy: Read hilarious and brutally honest reviews of some of the worst supplements and exercise equipment on the market today.
Redirect Link:

Title: RANT - How to Ruin Health, Fitness and Nutrition
Teaser Copy: You might laugh, you might get angry and you may not agree with me at all but I've got some stuff on my mind that I need to get out that I think you'll appreciate.
Redirect Link:

Title: The Absolute Worst, Most Incredibly Terrible Workout I've Ever Witnessed In My Entire Life!
Teaser Copy: You've never seen exercise form this's awesome in it's horribleness.
Redirect Link:

Title: You Know You're a Dedicated Trainer When...
Teaser Copy: Take a humorous look at what being a dedicated trainer is all may recognize yourself!!
Redirect Link:

Title: Corn Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Custard and Other Diet Foods...
Teaser Copy: Just because the foods you want to eat are loaded with fat, sugar and calories doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to lose as much fat as you want while eating them!
Redirect Link:

Title: The Top 20 Excuses Why New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight End in Failure
Teaser Copy: It's no secret that New Year's Resolutions generally don't last very long... have YOU used any these excuses?
Redirect Link:

Title: The Top 10 Most Outrageous Exercises I've Ever Seen
Teaser Copy: These 10 exercises are among the absolute WORST examples of exercise technique I have ever witnessed!
Redirect Link:


Fat Loss Muscle-Building Unique Exercises
Nutrition/Supplementation Training Techniques Humor

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