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Title: How to Bring Up Weak Bodyparts FAST... Complete Mass Targeting Specialization Program
Teaser Copy: This powerful specialization program is one THE fastest ways I've found to mass up and build strength in a particular bodypart. It does this by taking the recovery energy that normally would go to your ENTIRE body and forcing it all into ONE bodypart.
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Title: (NOTE: This article directly promotes my MAD SCIENTIST MUSCLE program) - Time/Volume Training - A Simple Program For Building Mass (It Even Works With Bodyweight Exercises!)
Teaser Copy: This training style is VERY effective for building muscle with free weights and even with bodyweight training. It can be inserted into ANY training can be used as a total program or as a single training day. Powerful stuff!
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Title: My Four No-Fail Principles For Quick and Easy Weight Gain
Teaser Copy: If gaining weight is something YOU got into weight training for, THIS is the info for you. Learn my four powerful no-fail principles for putting on mass no matter what your metabolism or body type!
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Title: (NOTE: This article directly promotes my MAD SCIENTIST MUSCLE program) - Using HIGH Reps To Build Muscle? Three Ways To Do It That Will Shatter ANY Muscle Growth Plateau!
Teaser Copy: Normally, when you think muscle, you probably think low reps...but I've got three ways to use HIGH reps to slap the muscle on you FAST.
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Title: 10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Increase Your Bench Press FAST
Teaser Copy: Improving the bench press is ALWAYS at the top of almost every lifter's list of goals. Put these 10 tips into practice and power up your bench press fast!
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Title: (NOTE: This article directly promotes my MAD SCIENTIST MUSCLE program) - Compound Exercise Overload - One of THE Most Powerful Single Workouts You Will EVER DO
Teaser Copy: With this extraordinary training technique, you will, in one single workout, achieve strength gains in a single exercise that would normally take weeks or even MONTHS with normal training. NO EXAGGERATION.
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Title: The Most Critical Lessons I Learned In My Very First Year of Training That Can Help YOU Maximize Muscle and Fat Loss
Teaser Copy: Get a step-by-step catalog of THE most important things that I learned about fat loss and muscle and strength-building from my first year of weight training.
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Title: Triple Add Sets - A Revolutionary New Intensity Technique That Will Work ALL Your Muscle Fibers In One Set
Teaser Copy: Normal sets only work a select type and number of muscle fibers. Find out how the Triple Add Set technique can work EVERY muscle fiber you've got in a single set.
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Title: Daily Specialization Training - Transform Your Weakest Bodyparts Into Your STRONGEST Bodyparts
Teaser Copy: Experience the power of extremely targeted, high-frequency training. It literally has the power to turn your weakest bodyparts into your BEST.
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Title: (NOTE: This article directly promotes my MUSCLE EXPLOSION program) - How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week
Teaser Copy: This is a story of how I personally went from 192 pounds to 217 pounds in bodyweight in only 7 days. Learn every little secret technique I used to accomplish this mind-blowing weight gain.
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Title: Training on the Edge - Learn How Overtraining on Purpose Can Get You Maximum Results FAST
Teaser Copy: We've always been told that it's bad to overtrain. Guess what? Overtraining on purpose is where the REAL results are.
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Title: How Stretching Can Explode Your Muscle Growth
Teaser Copy: Not only is stretching important for flexibility, it's CRITICAL for massive, rapid muscle growth.
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Title: How One Single Set of One Single Rep of One Single Exercise Can Build Massive, Strong Biceps
Teaser Copy: Learn this extremely simple bicep exercise that has the potential to put inches on your arms...and it takes less than a minute a day to do!
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Fat Loss Muscle-Building Unique Exercises
Nutrition/Supplementation Training Techniques Humor

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