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Mad Scientist Muscle

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The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of

"Mad Scientist Muscle " is a powerful collection of three mass-building programs that utilizes the principle of "controlled overtraining" to literally FORCE the body to build muscle mass.

The program also includes specific training methodologies that are targeted to improve the physiology of the body to better support muscle growth.

You can read more about this program by clicking here.

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Learn the two most important rules you NEED to master if you want to build maximum muscle mass. Folllow these two rules and you can literally DOUBLE your current rate of muscle growth. Complete sample training program inside!



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2 simple rules that make muscle-building EASY...
Follow these 2 simple rules and build muscle
2 simple rules to KILL muscle-building plateaus
Want muscle? Follow these 2 simple rules...



Building muscle is not rocket science...but it IS science.

And if you've ever been stuck in a muscle-building plateau...

...if you've been unable to add weight to bar,

...or if you've been struggling add more mass to your bones,

The FREE report I've got for you here from "The Mad Scientist
of Muscle, " Nick Nilsson, is exactly what you need to get your
results MOVING again

In it, he breaks down the two most important science-based
muscle-building rules you absolutely must follow if you want
to truly maximize your muscle growth.

Most people don't know these rules...(and that includes a lot of
trainers!)...but once you put them to work, you'll start seeing MUCH
faster results in your muscle-building training.

==> Grab your copy of the report here...

==> Learn the 2 simple rules that make muscle-building EASY...

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Sample Email #1

Suggested Subject Lines:

A very cool approach to muscle building
A long-term approach to muscle that gives you BIG short-term results, too!
This guy is f-ing crazy...
How to win friends and influence people...with muscle...
You've gotta read this "payback" muscle story...
It's not your fault...


Hi [name],

So here's the train because you want to get BIG and you want to get STRONG. I'm right there with you.

You want to command respect when you're walking down the street, you want to feel more confident in your own body and you want to just flat out LOOK better...after all, it's always the muscular guy that gets the attention right? :)

I've got ONE question for you...

Is the program you're on right now getting you BIGGER and STRONGER every single week?

And if it IS, one month from now, do you know for a FACT that your program will STILL be making you bigger and stronger? Or will you find yourself hitting a plateau with your program like you always seem to do?

Ok, I guess that was three questions.

So here's where I'm going with this...I want to introduce you to a friend of mine and fellow trainer, Nick Nilsson (a.k.a. the "Mad Scientist of Muscle"). He's one of the "good guys" in the business.

And I'll say it right now, the guy is NUTS. If you're familiar with him, you've probably seen some of the absolutely INSANE exercises and training techniques he's put out there and you'll know exactly where that nickname comes from. His stuff is insane, yes, and it WORKS...that's the cool part.

Nick has just released a program called "Mad Scientist Muscle - Build MONSTER Mass With Science-Based Training" and I have to say, this looks like his best program yet.

==> (click here now to check it out)

The program uses a framework called "Controlled Overtraining" that basically ramps your body up to the point of overtraining then backs WAY off, giving your body a chance to recover and build back up bigger and stronger.

When you click on the link, it'll take you to a page where you can read more about this concept in detail. It's really cool stuff and totally shatters the myth that you have to avoid overtraining. Honestly, THAT is where the REAL results are and by staying away from it, you could be shortchanging yourself out of BIG TIME results.

It's also one of THE biggest reasons why it's not your fault that most programs fail to deliver long-term can put in the effort but they're just not designed work with your body's systemic reaction to training!

Anyway, definitely check this out now! This info could seriously save you YEARS of muscle-building frustration (and skinniness!):

==> (click here now to check it out)


P.S. On that site, Nick has posted an interesting story about one of the motivations that got him into training in the first place. It's a story of muscle "payback" on the soccer field. I know I got a good laugh out of it :)

==> (click here now to check it out)

Sample Email #2

Suggested Subject Lines:

You've gotta check out this training style...
You've NEVER seen supersets done like this
An INSANE style of superset training
A KILLER superset technique for you to try
What the heck is In-Set Supersetting?
Build muscle with this crazy superset technique


Hi [name],

I've got something VERY cool to share with you today...this is a great superset technique by the "mad scientist" himself Nick Nilsson (author of Mad Scientist Muscle). I tried it with a couple of bodyparts the other day and WOW, does it work.

Basically, you're going to take two exercises that work a single bodypart and combine them into ONE set, alternating reps of each. It hits your muscles from two different angles during the same set, kicking off an emergency reaction in your muscles.

Finish a set of these and the muscles you worked will swell up like balloons.

This link below will take you to a page that gives you full details on it so you can exactly what I'm talking about. It's very cool stuff.

Nick has also posted VIDEOS of this technique for every bodypart and a sample workout that you can take to the gym with you to try this technique out.

==> (click here to see this in action)

I have to say, if you've not worked with some Nick's unique training techniques and exercises before, you're going to be in for a huge SHOCK. This training may look different than what you're used to but it's INCREDIBLY effective.

Nick is all about developing new exercises, techniques and programs not just for the sake of being different but because it just works BETTER.

The "Mad Scientist Muscle" book follows this concept to a "T." The program is based on good, scientific training principles sprinkled with BIG doses of unique (and yes, sometimes insane!) training concepts. Definitely worth picking up.

==> (click here now to check it out)


Sample Email#3 - FAQ Email

Suggested Subject Lines:

Your Mad Scientist Muscle questions answered
10 Mad Scientist Muscle questions answered
Top 10 Mad Scientist Muscle questions answered
Mad Scientist Muscle FAQ - all your questions answered!
Is Mad Scientist Muscle right for you? Read this...


So I've been talking about Nick Nilsson's Mad Scientist Muscle program and I wanted to just make sure you had all your questions about it answered.

==> (click here now to check out the book now)

There's a lot of information in this email but it's good stuff. Nick sent along a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" about the program and his answers to all those questions (so when you see "I" that's Nick talking, just so you know!).

It's really good stuff and should give you all the information you need to make your decision to get the program.

So let's get right to it!

Question #1 - Will I get fast results with this program or is more for long-term gains?

Answer: You WILL get fast gains with this program....and you will ALSO get long-term gains with this program! The framework is set up to deliver very effective short-term muscle gains while using the power of controlled overtraining to push your whole body forward over longer periods of time. The results can be spectactular!

To give you an idea, a friend of mine tested this program and gained about 40 lbs on his bench press in the first month. And I personally used a version of the "Frankenstein" advanced program to gain 22 lbs in just 6 weeks. So yeah, fast results.

Question #2 - Is this only for advanced trainers?

Answer: Nope! It's actually for a very wide range of ability levels, early intermediate to very advanced. You'll notice I didn't say "beginners"...because, to be honest, a beginning trainer doesn't NEED this type of overtraining framework yet.

And the reason I say YET is that after 3 of 4 months of "normal" training, the body has adapted to weight lifting in general and is then ready for a program like this. And even further, at this point, the body actually really DOES need a program like this in order to not hit a plateau. The beginning trainer can get results with just about anything, but once your past that stage, you need to really know how to start working WITH your body. And that's what this program will teach you.

Question #3 - Isn't overtraining dangerous? I thought we were supposed to stay away from it.

Answer: Overtraining actually gets a bad rap! There are two distinct type of overtraining...chronic and acute. Chronic overtraining is the bad one that we want to avoid. That's what happens when you train too hard for too long and don't give your body a break. You stop getting results because you're doing too much and the body is breaking down.

ACUTE overtraining is what we're after. This is a very short-term state where the body is just starting to hit that level where it can't keep up. At THIS point, where you're really testing your limits, THAT is when we pull back and let your ramped up recovery go to town with fewer sets, more rest and heavier weight.

I always say, if you don't regularly test your limits, you'll never know what you're truly capable of! This program will take you there and bring you back, helping you walk the line where the RESULTS are.

Question #4 - Will this program work for improving athletic performance?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, a very similar framework is used by many top athletic coaches including the late legendary sprint trainer Charlie Francis. This stuff WORKS and no top-level coach would even touch it if it didn't.

In terms of exercises, this is more of a bodybuilding-oriented program (and it builds a heckuva a lot of strength, too!) but you can definitely change up the exercise to reflect a more sport-specific goal. For example, instead of doing deadlifts, do tire flipping. It'll fit right into the training techniques and the controlled overtraining scheme.

And I just have to say, any time you can gain lean mass and strength, you're going to improve athletic performance...unless your sport is bowling or something (it'll actually even beneift golfers!).

Question #5 - Can the program be done in a 3 day training split rather than the 4 day split you have in the book?

Answer: Very easily. It's not hard to adapt this program by changing up some of the training days. My method is to just keep the first two days as a split then combine the second two days into ONE day and working just the big parts on that one day. Very simple to put together and manage and I'm happy to help you with the specifics when you get the program.

Question #6 - Do I have to eat a boatload of food every day? I get stuffed really easily and I have a hard time eating enough to gain weight.

Answer: That will depend a lot on how much you weigh now and how much YOUR body needs in order to build muscle. But here's the cool thing...

You DON'T have to stuff yourself in order to build muscle. I've included a detailed chapter on meal timing so you can get the most impact for each meal. In my experience, you don't have to stuff yourself all day as long as you know how to properly target your meals.

PLUS (and this is the cool part), I've actually included an optional part of the program that puts you on a DIET on the weekends so you give your digestive system a break. This also keeps your bodyfat in check AND sets up even BIGGER muscle-building gains when you come back off during the training week.

I have to say, it's a very cool little tweak and it's also completely optional.

Question #7 - Are there a lot of "crazy" exercises that will make me look stupid in the gym?

Answer: Who cares what you look like while you're training if you're huge! ;)

Seriously though, even though I'm known for some really insane exercises, the "mad scientist" part of this program comes in the training techniques that you'll be putting to work in the controlled overtraining and in the Structural Training you'll be doing. This is powerful stuff!

You won't have to spend half your day upsidown or swinging from anything. I make use of primarily basic exercises...I've got tweaks for them, of course, but they only thing people will be asking you is how come you started getting so big so fast...

That being said, I DO have a new book available ONLY when you pick up Mad Scientist Muscle called "The Best MASS Exercises You've Never Heard Of." This one has 119 of my best and most unique mass exercises and training techiques. This is killer stuff.

Question #8 - Will this work if I'm a "hardgainer?"

Answer: Not only will this work, it actually has the potential to remove your "hardgainer" status in many ways! I've included something I call "structural training" in the program and it's an integral part. The idea with this type of training is to positively change many aspects of your body's physiology (through training) to make it easier for your body to build and keep muscle.

For example, blood supply to your muscles plays a HUGE role in recovery...the tiny blood vessels called "capillaries" are where the nutrients and oxygen get delivered. If you have a low capillary density, your muscles don't get as much food or oxygen and have a harder time growing.

You've probably noticed that the muscles you have a hard time pumping up also have a hard time growing. This type of structural training has the power to CHANGE that.

Plus, I've targeted three other 'high-impact" factors that can positively influence your physiology to get you out of the hardgainer state.

And if you're NOT a hardgainer, it's going to work even BETTER...

Question #9 - Will I have to think much or read a lot to understand how to use this program?

Answer: Nope! I've set out EVERY single training day of the program so that you know EXACTLY what you're going to be doing every step of the way. Print out the workout and follow it - you provide the effort, I provide the training know-how.

Another very cool thing is the online video database...I'm in the process of adding a TON of video and pictures to it demonstrating EVERY single exercise and technique that is used in the program.

So not only will have it all scheduled out for you, you'll be able to SEE exactly what you'll be doing every step of the way. And all these videos are shot during actual training sessions...nothing you'll know how this stuff goes in an actual workout.

Question #10 - Do I need to have a full gym or can I use this program at home?

Answer: To peform this program, you'll need some basic equipment...barbells, dumbells and a bench. A power rack will also be VERY helpful and highly recommended but really, that's about it. I hardly ever use machines in my own training and honestly, it's the free weight stuff that will really get the job done for you.

Big fancy commercial gyms attract people by wowing them with a big selection of shiny equipment that very few people really actually NEED!

Question #11 - Can this program be used for fat-loss, too and I can use it to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time?

Answer: First off, yeah I know I said 10 questions and this is #11, so sue me :) This program is designed first and foremost to build MUSCLE and STRENGTH. You will, in most cases, be better served by picking up a targeted fat-loss program (like Metabolic Surge, for example) than trying to make this into a fat-loss program.

That being said, I have included some dietary tweaks to minimize fat gain AND my friend and sports nutritionst Patrick McGuire has kindly allowed me to include his "Lean Muscle" meal plans in with the package. These are meal plans designed to promote muscle growth while helping you maintain and even LOSE bodyfat.


So those are the top 10/11 frequently-asked questions about the program. I hope this answers everything for you and helps you make the decision to take action pick up the program and put it to work building muscle for you.

==> (click here now to check it out)


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