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Title: SHRED Your Chest and Back With This Superset of In-Set Supersets
Teaser Copy: When you want fat loss and increased muscle definition, one of the key methods that I like to use is a tension-oriented superset done for medium to high reps, focusing on keeping strict form and squeezing the muscles HARD as you perform the reps.
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Title: Fix Your Lagging, Stubborn Quads With Backwards Treadmill Walking
Teaser Copy: The quadriceps (a.k.a. the quads) can be a tough muscle group to develop. If you've hit a plateau with your leg training and your quads just aren't keeping up with the rest of your body in terms of development, I've got just the solution for your lagging legs.
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Title: DEADLY Pec Training for Developing Even The Most Stubborn Chest...Time-Volume Hybrid Training
Teaser Copy: If your chest is lacking, you're going to LOVE this'll perform Cable-Dumbell Presses, which is a combination Hybrid movement, using a Time-Volume Training protocol. The result is FAST pec growth.
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Title: Posterior Chain and Cardio Training With Dumbell Swing Drop Sets
Teaser Copy: The Swing is a classic movement that targets almost every major muscle group in your body, though most specifically on the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, lower back). It's one of the single best exercises you can do in the gym!
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Title: Learn to Squat With Perfect Form With High Pulley Assisted Squats...GREAT for Beginners Learning to Squat!
Teaser Copy: Squatting is one of the primary basic movements that the human body is designed for, yet most people don't know how to do it properly. This squat exercise will teach you perfect squat form and help you better activate your glutes in the squat at the same time.
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Title: How To Perform Barbell Shoulder Presses Properly...the Secret to Wider (and Better) Shoulders
Teaser Copy: The barbell shoulder press is a common exercise for delt development. Yet most people do it incorrectly for maximum delt stimulation. These form tweaks will help you get the most out of your shoulder presses.
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Title: A DEADLY Intensity Technique For Chest, Targeting Maximum Muscle Fiber Activation ...Range-Of-Motion Triple Add Sets for Bench Press
Teaser Copy: This training technique uses two different strategies to attack ALL your muscle fibers. You'll be doing three distinct ranges of motion with three distinct rep ranges. Used in combination, this will hit EVERY aspect of your chest and target every muscle fiber type in one set.
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Title: Breathing...You Could Be Doing It All Wrong and It Could Be Holding Back Your Muscle Growth
Teaser Copy: Yes, it seems like such a simple thing. Now consider this...HOW you breathe during your training can have a HUGE impact on your strength and muscle activation. Breathe wrong and you could be throwing away results.
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Title: The BEST Way I've Found To Do Incline Barbell Bench Press
Teaser Copy: The upper chest is a MUST to work if you want complete chest development...and the incline barbell press is a key exercise. I'll show you my favorite technique for getting maximum results from this exercise!
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Title: The 5 Most Effective Exercises and Training Techniques That Will Get You Kicked Out Of Your Gym
Teaser Copy: For building maximum muscle and ripping the fat off your body, conventional training is NOT where it's at. I'm going to teach you 5 of THE most effective exercises and techniques that will have management pulling their hair out.
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Title: How to REALLY Do Incline Curls To Mass Up Your Biceps FAST
Teaser Copy: Discover a secret technique for performing Incline Dumbell Curls that will blast your biceps into next week! This simple change in position on the bench will shock you with how effective it is.
Redirect Link:

Title: Training The Stretch - A Stretch Position Giant Set That Will Pile on Muscle
Teaser Copy: Looking to gain maximum muscle? The stretch position of a muscle is the best place to start. With proper use, you can not only activate more muscle fibers, you may even be able to SPLIT your muscle fibers, making more of them - that means faster gains, more easily.
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Title: Taking One-Arm Dumbell Rows To The MAX
Teaser Copy: Learn how a simple change in body position can INSTANTLY increase the amount of weight you can use for this exercise AND make it safer. You'll never go back to the old way again!
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Title: Five Exercises You MUST Avoid If You Want To Stay Injury-Free
Teaser Copy: These exercises are commonly seen yet, if you do them, you stand a good chance of hurting yourself. Find out what they are and why they can injure you.
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Title: How To Do The Perfect Bench Press Rep
Teaser Copy: Learn the secrets to bench press form that will send your strength and muscle development through the roof!
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Fat Loss Muscle-Building Unique Exercises
Nutrition/Supplementation Training Techniques Humor

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