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Getting Started and FAQ

1. Affiliate Links and Direct Product Affiliate Links

Your primary affiliate link is this:

Just replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank ID and you'll be all set. This main affiliate link will always redirect to the current best-converting offer I have at the moment. Or you can use this Link Generator tool in the blue box to create your link.

How to Make Your Affiliate Linking Code

Type your Clickbank nickname in the box and click the button:

For best results, use the direct links to each book sales page on their specific pages.

This is the linking code you must use in order to credit for every purchase you refer to the site. You must already be a Clickbank member to use this link. If you're not yet a Clickbank member Sign Up Here. It's free to join, just close the window once you've signed up.

One of the first things I would actually recommend you do, once you've signed up (or if you already have a Clickbank account) is to sign in to your account then click here.

This will take you to the listing on the Clickbank marketplace. When you're signed in to your account and click the Like button beside the listing, it'll automatically post your affiliate link to your Facebook wall! This a great way to kick-start your affiliate traffic by telling your friends and associates.

Which brings me to DIRECT product affiliate links...

These are what you should be using for the majority of your banners and ads, etc. as they will direct your traffic to specific landing pages and sales pages that are targeted to the offers you're making your traffic.

Every single product has it's own direct affiliate redirect links. For example, the direct link for the sales page for my Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss program is:

These direct links are listed with each product in the Link Generator section. Use THESE for your affiliate linking!

2. Tracking

Since this affiliate program is administered through Clickbank, you'll have full access to their suite of stats tracking. If you'd like to use TID's, (short for Tracking ID's), here is the format to use with the redirect links:

The TID allows you to identify the SOURCE of the click, so you know what's working for you and what's not. It can be any combination of words/letters/numbers...essentially, you want something that fairly easily identifies the traffic source (such as tid=youtube).

TID tracking will be visible in the Reporting -> Analytics section of your Clickbank account.

3. Banner Ads and Cover Graphics

For traffic generation on websites and blogs, or if you'd like to use paid banner advertising, I've included a selection of banner ads for each book. I'll be adding and testing these on a regular basis to ensure you're getting the best-converting resources in terms of traffic generation.

I will notify you via my affiliate newsletter when new banners are ready with testing data as it becomes available.

I've got also got cover graphics for each book that you can use on your website and in your emails.

4. Affiliate-brandable Reports

For several of my books, I've put together affiliate-brandable reports that you can give away on your site either for free or as gifts for signing up for your mailing lists.

These reports are full of content that moves people towards the sale without hard-selling. The links inside will be ALL your affiliate links and I never use written URLs. That means every single lead HAS to go through your affiliate link to get to the sales page.

These books are brandable "on the fly", meaning you'll be able to put in your Clickbank code and generate your own branded PDF immediately.

5. Swipe Emails

I've put together "swipe" emails you can use to promote my programs and exercise books to your list. You can choose to straight up copy-and-paste, if you like but I would HIGHLY recommend tweaking them to reflect your own voice.

For example, for my Metabolic Surge book, I've got a 4-day email sequence that you can use to do a content-based launch to your list.

That is available here...

6. Article Landers and BRANDED Social Share Buttons

As you may or may not know, Google frowns on and sometimes actively penalizes sites for publishing duplicate content.

So rather than provide syndicated articles to reprint on your site (which could lead to your being penalized by Google), I've instead got for you a full set of affiliate redirect links that lead to article landing pages on my site.

All you need to do is post these links on your site, in emails to your list or using the affiliate-branded AUTOMATIC Social Share buttons I've included in the directory and start making money! This is a very powerful, practically automated way to use social media to generate commissions.

Click here to view the article landing page directory...

7. Your 42-Part Affiliate Training Program and Affiliate Training Videos

I've put together a KILLER 42-part professional affiliate training program for those who REALLY want to see some big results in their promotional efforts.

You'll be able to sign up for that separately on the site (available on the affiliate home page and at the link below). It is VERY good'll allow you to make a LOT more money on this program.

On that page, you'll also have access to a TON of video affiliate training as well.

Click here to go sign up for the 42-part affiliate training course and watch the training videos...

8. FREE Beginners Guide to Google AdWords

This is an excellent book on Pay Per Click advertising that I've purchased the rights to in order to help you maximize your commissions.

This is a FREE download for you and it'll help you get started right away with sending targeted PPC traffic to your affiliate link!

Right-click here to download now...



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