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My name is Nick Nilsson and I'm known in the fitness industry as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle." I've been a professional fitness and bodybuilding writer for the past 15 years.

As you may or may not know, after their recent Panda update, Google frowns on and sometimes actively penalizes sites for publishing duplicate content.

So rather than provide syndicated articles to reprint on your site (which could lead to your being penalized by Google), I've instead got for you a full set of affiliate redirect links that lead to article landing pages on my site.

All you need to do is post these links on your site, in emails to your list or using the affiliate-branded Social Share buttons I've included in the directory and start making money!

I will also provide you with some short "teaser" copy, which you're welcome to use on your site to encourage people to click.

These articles cover topics like fat loss, muscle building, fitness humor, unique exercises, training tips, equipment reviews and I'm CONSTANTLY adding new content for you!

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Fat Loss Muscle-Building Unique Exercises
Nutrition/Supplementation Training Techniques Humor


You'll find articles like...

  • Fat Loss Circuit Training - a revolutionary fat-burning, metabolism-boosting training technique
  • Common Sense Protein FAQ - Get Answers To Your Most Frequently-Asked Questions About Protein
  • Pizza, French Fries, Beer and Other Diet Foods... How to eat your favorite junk food by the ton and still lose all the fat you want!
  • How To Do The Perfect Bench Press Rep
  • And many more!!

These articles are:

  • Professionally-written and edited - I write fitness training articles and books for a living. These are useful, well-written, edited articles packed with information.

  • Filled with unique content - you won't find cookie-cutter articles that go on about things your readers already know. Bland information won't draw them in! To keep them coming back for more, you need to tell them things they DON'T know!

  • Simple to use - Just put in your Clickbank affiliate code and create the link using the title and/or teaser copy and you're all set. I've also included social sharing buttons that allow you to post the articles (with your affiliate links!) at the push of a button.

  • Completely FREE - there is no charge and will never be any charge for you to redirect to any of these professionally-written articles.

Here are the topics you can choose from - be sure to check out all the areas to see what kind of information is available!

Fat Loss Muscle-Building Unique Exercises
Nutrition/Supplementation Training Techniques Humor

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