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The Best Back Exercises
You've Never Heard Of

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The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of

"The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of" is a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the back. It contains information on 145 exercises and back training techniques and includes access to an online exercise database where customers can view videos of all the exercises and techniques being performed.

You can read more about this book and view the sales process by clicking here.

You'll notice on the sales page, I've got an "up front" cross-sell going where I offer a package deal with all five of my Best Exercises books for the same price as a two-book package. This is a great technique for giving people all the options up front...I'm getting a 70%+ take rate on this upsell, increasing your potential commissions on every sale!


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Affiliate Email #1

Day 1 - Introduction email

Suggested Subject Lines:

Feel free to come up with your own subject lines!

145 KILLER back exercises for you...these are AWESOME!
Got a weak back? Fix it NOW...
WAY beyond chin-ups and rows...
Can't feel your back when you train it? These exercises will fix it...


Hi [name]!

So here's the deal...a well-developed back, rippling with layers of muscle and popping with definition, will set you ahead of 99.9% of everybody else in the world, physique-wise.

If your back is strong, your whole BODY is strong.

And if your back LOOKS weak, people will think your whole body IS weak.

And I just KNOW you're not training to look weak!


- if you don't feel your back muscles working strongly when you train them...

- if your back training has hit a rut and you're not getting the results you want...

- if you're looking for exercises to hit very specific aspects of your back (e.g. wider lats, bigger traps, thicker upper back)...

- or if you're just plain bored in the gym and aren't having fun anymore...

I've got just what you need.

Nick Nilsson (also known as the "Mad Scientist of Exercise") has just put together a collection of 145 of his BEST back exercises...stuff that you've NEVER seen before.

And honestly, every time I open an email from Nick, I know he's got something cool up his sleeve, and these exercises are no exception...they're VERY good and there are a TON of them.

So if you're bored with your back training, in a rut, or just can't feel your back very well when you train it, definitely check this stuff out...

Discover 145 INSANE back exercises here:



P.S. When you get to the site and read through the sample exercises, you'll notice he's got a sign-up box where you can actually sign up to get ADDITIONAL exercises. Definitely sign up for this - he told me he's also going to be sending out even MORE sample exercises to the people who do.

Affiliate Email #2

Suggested Subject Lines:

4 insanely good back exercises for you to try...
New exercises = a bigger, better back...
These exercises are just insane

You've gotta be freaking kidding me...

Feel free to come up with your own!


Hi [name]!

So yesterday, I told you about Nick Nilsson's new book "The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of". Well, the response has just been TREMENDOUS.


Click here to check it out now:


And Nick told me the most frequent comment he's been getting about these exercises...

"How do you come up with these insane exercise?" (and yes, people DO use the word insane when they write him!)

Here's his response:


"Well, to me, it's all about results. I don't create exercises just for the sake of creating exercises. They've gotta have a purpose and they've gotta get RESULTS.

Sometimes I take equipment and look at it in completely different ways. Where one person sees a bench press machine, I see a shoulder press, a leg press, a calf raise machine, curl machine, row machine.

Sometimes, I'll challenge myself to work every single bodypart while limiting myself to just one piece of equipment.

And then there are times when I just say what the 'heck' and go all mad scientist and just see what happens.

The real key to remember is that these crazy exercises I come up with aren't crazy for no reason...they're extremely targeted to their purpose, whether it be working the maximum anatomical range of motion of the lats in one exercise (with my Full-Range Pulldowns) or changing the angle of pull on a standard exercise to change the focus of it (like in my Seated Lean-Forward Barbell Shrugs).

Plus, I want you to have FUN when you're in the gym, while getting better results! You're going to put a lot more effort into things and have a WAY more motivation to train hard when you're trying new things and having a good time doing it.

I have to say, the #1 thing people tell me after using the exercises from my books is that their motivation to train simply went through the ROOF! Some people have literally had to STOP themselves from spending too much time at the gym because of how much they're enjoying the new exercises!


That pretty much says it all!

And the cool thing is, you can actually check out and try out those two exercises (and several more!) that Nick mentioned above right on his site.

So if you want to build a GREAT back and the regular exercises just aren't getting the job done, you really have GOT to check this stuff out. This link below will take you right to the sample exercise page:



P.S. Be sure to sign up to receive even MORE back exercises on that sample page...Nick told me he has another four exercises lined up right now for those who do, with plenty more on the way!

Affiliate Email #3

Suggested Subject Lines:

Back exercise FAQ
What you need to know about back training...
Back exercise Q&A
Unique back exercises...your questions answered
Am I goign to look stupid doing these exercises?

Feel free to come up with your own!


Hi [name],

Back we've been talking about that the past few days and I've received a lot of questions about Nick Nilsson's new book "The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of."

Well, I've got answers!

Nick has put together a list of some of the top questions he's been getting about the book and the 145 very cool back exercises found within.

If you've got any questions, they're probably answered here!


1. Are these back exercises just for men or will they work for women, too?

These exercises work GREAT for women. In fact, there's nothing sexier than a sleek, muscular back...and these exercises will develop that on you FAR more effectively than the standard back exercises.

Your muscles will develop according to your FEMALE genetics and hormone levels. Most women simply DO NOT have the hormonal capability to develop big, thick, manly back muscles, so don't even worry about that.

The harder you work your back, the BETTER it's going to look.


2. Are these back exercises okay for older trainers...50+ years old?

Absolutely! Your muscles don't know how old they are but the DO know how effective your exercises are at stimulating growth and strength.

Here's the other thing to consider...these exercises will help you be much more time-efficient in the gym, making better use of every set and rep you do. As you get older, recovery can become more of an issue so it's critical you use exercises that get the job done most efficiently. And that describes these exercises exactly.


3. I'm a beginner...are there exercises I can use in this book?

Yes, there are! This book contains a wide variety of exercises that can be used by total's just a matter of choosing the appropriate resistance for your ability level.

Some of the exercises are intended for a more advanced audience but even if you just started training yesterday, you're going to get a LOT out of this book and start yourself on the right path for ensuring GREAT results in your future back training.


4. Do I need any special equipment to perform these back exercises?

I do have some exercises that utilize a power rack, cable machines or training bands so to use those obviously you'll need that equipment. I've also included a full section in the book on recommended back training equipment and accessories that can choose to work with or not.

I'm all about simple equipment...the best exercises are the ones that don't really need a whole lot of fancy stuff and most back-specific machines aren't great anyway.


5. Are these exercises going to make me look stupid in the gym?

I hate to break it to you, but ANY exercise you do incorrectly in the gym could potentially make you look stupid in the gym :). These exercises are different, absolutely, and if you're scared of looking different (even though you'll get MUCH better results), then this is not the book for you.

If you're willing to set that fear aside and try some of these unique approaches, I think you'll soon find that all those people you were worried about looking stupid in front of are now copying YOU and doing the exercises from this book that they see you doing.

The bottom line is you really want to spend your whole life worrying about what other people think when most of the time, they're more worried about what YOU think of THEM? Don't shortchange yourself like that. If you do what 95% of the people in the gym do that doesn't work, you're going to LOOK like those 95% of the people in the gym.


6. How do I use these exercises in my regular workouts?

The nice thing about these exercise is you can very easily substitute them DIRECTLY into you regular training. If your program calls for a chin-up, then select one of the many chin-up variations found in the book. Same goes for rows, deadlifts, name it.

All of these exercises are variations of similar movement patterns to the exercises you already know...they just use different setups, angles, equipment and execution to change and improve how they affect the muscles of the back.


I hope that answers any questions you might have about those 145 unique back exercises.

As I mentioned before, this is very effective'll discover some how to really target your back with some seriously good (and insane) exercises to develop it to the maximum.


[your name and signature]

Affiliate Email #4

Suggested Subject Lines:

4 insanely good back exercises for you to try...
4 GREAT new back exercises for you to try.
Try these 4 cool new back exercises...(nuts!)
Got 4 new back exercises for you to try out


If you want a bigger, thicker, stronger back...

... or if you just have a hard time feeling your back
muscles working when you train your back...

...I've got four excellent exercises for you
that are going to help...

1. High-Tension Full-Range Pulldowns

This exercise is all about tension and FULL range of other back exercise offers this combination.
Why? Because you're actually combining TWO different
back exercises into each rep. You'll never look at
pulldowns the same way again...

2. Elevated Renegade Rows

The Renegade Row is a classic back exercise, holding
a push-up position then alternating one-arm rowing with
kettlebells or dumbells...THIS setup method takes the
exercise even further, increasing back AND core involvement.

3. Barbell and Bench Braced Back Extensions

This is one of the coolest direct lower back/posterior
chain exercises I've found. It's similar in concept to a
glute-ham raise machine but you can perform it using
simpler (and cheaper!) equipment....and it works just
as well, if not better!

4. Seated Lean-Forward Barbell Shrugs

One of my favorite trap exercises of all time...this one
utilizes a very simple change in body and bar position
to shift more focus to the middle traps while still working
the upper traps. This will develop great back thickness
AND t-shirt stretching upper traps.


[your name and signature]


Exercise Articles

Offering your visitors useful content is one of the very best ways to build the trust necessary to make the sale.

Simply substitute the "xxxxx" in the links for your Clickbank affiliate ID and you're ready to go! Use these articles in your newsletter or placed on your site/blog.

Hand-Over-Hand Chin-Ups...A Unique Back Attack!

If regular chin-ups are just getting WAY too easy for you, THIS exercise is going to challenge you in a way that NO regular chin-up can...


One-Sided Barbell Deadlifts For Lower Body and Core Strength

The deadlift is one of my very favorite exercises. THIS version of the deadlift, however, is going to not only hit the lower back and lower body, it's going to tighten up your core like a steel corset. Just don't mind the strange looks you'll get in the gym when you do it...


Full-Range Pulldowns For Carving Definition Into Every Inch Of Your Back

While chins may be a better mass-builder, this version of the pulldown works WAY better for bringing out eye-popping detail in your back. And if you've ever had a hard time feeling your back working, THIS exercise will fix that in an instant!



I've done a LOT of pull-ups in my time but THIS variation beats them ALL. It's a wide-grip pull-up done with a very specific grip that will INFLATE your lats like crazy! If you want wider lats, USE THIS EXERCISE.


Work Your Lats With One Of The VERY FEW True Isolation Exercises For The Back

When you think of back exercises, you think of different types of rows, pulldowns, chin-ups, and deadlifts, right? These are all compound exercises that work multiple muscles. To TRULY isolate your lats, you need this exercise! This is a great one for beginners OR advanced trainers!


Suitcase-Style One Arm Deadlifts for Building the Back and Achieving Rock-Solid Core Strength

This extraordinary exercise will tighten up your waist, build a rock-solid core AND target your grip strength like no other. It's also one of the most functional exercises you'll EVER do.

The Pull-Up Row - A Unique Bodyweight Back Exercise You Can Do Almost Anywhere

Bodyweight exercises for the back are rare. Variations of the pull-up row can be easy enough for the complete beginner or hard enough to challenge the most advanced veteran!


How To Do Pull-Ups At Home When You Don't Have a Pull-Up Bar

Pull-Ups are one of THE single best back (and upper body!) exercises you can do. But what do you do if you train at home and don't have access to a pull-up bar? Simple. You do this...

A Back Blasting Superset - Bent-Over Rows to Deadlifts

Harness the power of the superset to send your back training to the next level.

Breathing Backwards - Supercharge Your Back Workout NOW!

If you've ever had a hard time feeling your back muscles working, this technique is for you. Discover how breathing backwards will SHOCK your lats into new growth!

One Simple Movement Can Double the Effectiveness of Pulldowns

Learn a simple technique that you can use to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the lat pulldown.


"The Best Back Exercises" Covers and Pictures

These covers are free for you to use on your site for marketing the book. They are extremely effective placed near your ad copy as they show people what looks like a real product. This can help with increasing traffic through your affiliate link.

I'm also adding in several of my own pictures that you can use to credentialize the book - shows that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to back training. You'll find those below the cover graphics.

To get these graphics, simply right-click on top of them and choose "Save Picture As..." from the menu that pops up. Save them to your computer for use on your site.


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