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Muscle Explosion! 28 Days
To Maximum Mass

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"Muscle Explosion! 28 Days To Maximum Mass" is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible. It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks.

You can read more about this program by clicking here.

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Direct link to the Compound Exercise Overload article landing page:

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Direct link to the Single Rep Cluster Training article landing page:


Swipe Emails

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Email #1
Introduction to the Book


6 months of muscle-building training...done in 4 WEEKS?
An INSANE blueprint for building 7-10 lbs of muscle in 28 days
7-10 lbs of muscle in 28 days...Too good to be true? You decide...
7-10 lbs of muscle in 28 days...for real?
Can a person SERIOUSLY build this much muscle and strength in 4 weeks?
A science-based blueprint for gaining 7-10 lbs of mass in 28 days


7 to 10 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks? That's crazy...

...or is it...

Let's face matter how hard you train or how much you
eat, there are always times when you're going to hit the wall.

You're killing yourself in the gym, yet your muscle growth grinds
to a halt...your strength gains are almost nothing.

And the worst part is, you may even start going BACKWARDS...
getting smaller and weaker on almost a daily basis.

It's horrible and eating your butt off and getting
nothing out of it...or even just getting fatter and fatter!

If you've EVER hit that wall before, I've got something especially for you...

This is a link for you here to one of the most INSANE training
programs I've ever seen...literally insane.

It's called "Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maximum Mass", put
together by Nick Nilsson, also known as the "Mad Scientist of
Muscle" and it's one of the most INNOVATIVE and EXCITING
programs I've ever come across.

It's a science-based blueprint for building 7 to 10 pounds
of lean mass in just 28 days
, even on intermediate to advanced
trainers like yourself.

Check it out here (you'll get the full program layout so you can see
EXACTLY how powerful this strategy is).

Sign Off
Your Name



Email #2
Compound Exercise Overload Training - Article Landing Page

This email is going to go to an article landing page that goes into to detail about my Compound Exercise Overload training technique. This is one of the key components to the's incredibly powerful and something that a person could try once and see the power of immediately. The landing page will give them complete instructions on exactly how to do it so they can actually try it out before the promo is over, and feel how powerful it is.

The link to grab the image in the email is:


A 30% gain in strength in 4 DAYS?
This can't be right...a 30% gain in strength in 4 DAYS?
How is this even possible...a 30% strength gain from ONE workout?
A 30% gain in strength in one workout?
One workout...30% gain in strength...say what? workout...30% gain in strength?


Ok, this is a training technique you're going to seriously have to see
(and try for yourself!) to believe.

It's from Nick Nilsson, the "Mad Scientist of Muscle" and author of
the Muscle Explosion program I talked about yesterday...and let
me tell you, this technique is OFF THE HOOK. I've never seen anything
like it.

And when Nick was telling me about the results he got from this
technique the very first time he used it, I was just blown away...

...a 30% gain in strength from ONE workout.

Now, yes, I realize full well that results like that just don't even sound
physically possible....which is why Nick has put together an article
giving you the EXACT template to follow to try this technique out
for yourself. Nothing held back.

Check it out here...he calls it Compound Exercise Overload
Training or C.E.O. Training for short.

I HIGHLY recommend you give this one a shot as soon as you's just one workout...40 minutes of training...and you'll
feel the power of this technique for yourself.

To give you an idea, the first time Nick used C.E.O. Training
on himself, on the Friday he did it, he was able to shoulder
press 60 lb dumbbells for a set of 8 reps.

After using this technique for ONE single workout, by MONDAY,
he was able to do a set with 85 lb dumbbells for 11 STRICT REPS.

Not only was that a 30% jump in strength in 4 days, he even got
3 more reps with it!


Learn how to do C.E.O. Training here...and see a MASSIVE
increase in your strength FAST.

Sign Off
Your Name



Email #3
3 Insane Weak Point Training Exercises - Article Landing Page

I'm famous for my insane exercises...and this email is going to go into detail with 3 unique movements I've come up with for targeting the weak points of the bench press, squat and deadlift.

This will be a short, curiosity-driven email that leads to the pages have the exercises posted on it. There will be 3 exercises, spread across 3 separate pages, with the final page leading back to the main sales page.

This will be GREAT content that your list is going to LOVE.


3 INSANE exercise that will help you squat, bench and deadlift MORE
3 unique exercises that will DESTROY the weak points in your big lifts
DESTROY the weak points in your squat, bench and deadlift
3 "weak point" targeting exercises that will help you lift more weight FAST
CRUSH your weak points with these 3 insane exercises!

How to BE as strong as you LOOK


You're only as strong as your weakest link...and if you have a weak
link in your bench press, squat or deadlift, you will NEVER truly
maximize your strength in ANY of those exercises.

That's just a fact.

And that's where these 3 exercises come in...

My friend and colleague Nick Nilsson (a.k.a. The Mad Scientist of
Muscle) is famous for his innovative exercises, and he's come up
with three INSANE exercises that are going to help you destroy
the weak points in your three big lifts.

No mercy.

You're going to learn...

1. Flat-Bench Floor Presses

This one targets your bench press sticking point using a very unique
setup. It's similar to a floor press but done on a bench so that you
can use your legs to help develop power, just as you would in a
regular press (which you CAN'T do on the floor).

2. Stiff-Legged Deadlift Partial Range Training For Deadlift Lockout Strength

If you have issues locking out a heavy deadlift, use this exercise
and it will NEVER be a problem again. Seriously. And your
upper back will get HUGE.

3. One-Shoulder Barbell Squats

If core strength is an issue in your squat, coming out of the hole,
THIS exercise is going to be your new best friend. It allows you to
use heavy loads while putting INCREDIBLE tension on the deep
supporting muscles of your a squatting movement pattern,
so you develop core strength SPECIFIC to the squat exercise.


Weak Point training is built directly into Nick's "Muscle Explosion"
program because, bottom line, you don't want to just LOOK strong,
you want to BE strong.

And the more weight you can lift in the big three exercises (bench,
squat and deadlift), the more muscle you're going to carry on your body.

Learn 3 of the BEST weak-point exercises you've never heard of here
and BLAST your lifts to the next level...

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Email #4
Single-Rep Cluster Training - Article Landing Page



Single-Rep Cluster Training for building SERIOUS strength
This technique is INCREDIBLE for building strength
Want to have strength like a human forklift?...Try THIS.
Build INSANE strength with this killer training technique


Got an AWESOME strength training technique here for you, taken
directly from Nick Nilsson's Muscle Explosion program.

This is Single Rep Cluster Training and it is seriously one of THE
best ways you'll ever find for building "human forklift" brute strength.


You can learn why it works and how to do it here...


The Benefits of Single Rep Cluster Training...

By working at such a high intensity (as defined by a high percentage
of 1 this case 90% to 95% of your 1 RM), you're going to train
your nervous system to activate substantially more muscle fibers when
lifting heavy loads.

The heavier loads are also going to strengthen your connective tissue,
which is a key limiting factor that most people don't consider when
trying to build strength...

... after all, you're only as strong as your weakest link, and if your
connective tissue is weak, THAT is what's going to hold you back.

This type of training is also going to get your body used to (and
prepared for) lifting very heavy weights.

Near-1RM training is NOT something your body inherently knows how
to do. You can't perform lower-load, higher-rep training all the time then
expect to jump right in and safely hit a 1 Rep Max without preparing your
body for it..

When you're getting close to maximal weight, technique DOES change...
your big exercises almost become like DIFFERENT exercises when the
loads approach maximum.

So to maximize strength, we're going to make sure your body knows
EXACTLY what high-load training is all about.

Learn how to build monster strength FAST with
Single Rep Cluster Training...


Sign Off
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Email #5
Top 10 Reasons to Get Muscle Explosion

This is a CRITICAL time to send out...the last day is the BEST day to force the sense of urgency and really get people off the fence to pick up the program.


Top 10 reasons you need to try this INSANE muscle program...
Want muscle? 10 reasons why you NEED this program...
10 BIG reasons to get the Muscle Explosion program
If you want muscle, TODAY is the day...(top 10 reasons)


So the past few days, I've been talking about Nick Nilsson's "Muscle Explosion" program.

Grab your copy of Muscle Explosion here...

Now let's get right into those top 10 reasons you need to get this program!

#1 - It Works

That's an easy one! This is not a "theoretical" program. The
original version has been used by literally THOUSANDS of
people, just like you. And this new "2.0" version has been run
through rigorous testing both by Nick himself and 70+ test subjects.

The results have been spectacular...gains of 7 to 10 pounds of
lean mass in just 28 days...with decreases in bodyfat at the same
time...and RIDICULOUS increases in strength.

#2 - It's Cheap

This program is going to cost you less than a single tub of protein powder...or a night of pigging out on pizza. It's an incredible value for the amount of information you're going to get.

#3 - You'll Learn How To Use Overtraining To Your
Advantage to Build Muscle and Strength

And THAT is a skill you can apply to all the training programs
that you do in the future. Because once you know the secret
to harnessing overtraining, you have the keys to the kingdom....
you'll never get stuck in a training rut again.

#4 - You'll Discover What Your Body and Mind are
REALLY Capable Of

This program is going to push you to the limits. It's going to
challenge your physical strength and endurance your mental
fortitude. And when you finish, you will feel like you've really
ACCOMPLISHED something...I can promise you that.

Grab your copy of Muscle Explosion here...

#5 - You'll Make Massive Jumps in Strength

I mentioned the ridiculous increases in strength in #1. It
bears repeating...the fast strength gains you can make with
this program are literally almost impossible to believe.

Users of this program have reported gains upwards of 100
pounds on their max deadlift, 80 lbs on their squats and
40 lbs on their bench press. Those are BIG numbers for just
4 weeks of training.

#6 - You'll Know Exactly What to Eat and Exactly How
to Train EVERY SINGLE DAY of the Program to Maximize
Your Results

Nothing is left to chance with this program. Every day is
structured with a purpose...there is not a single wasted set,
rep or exercise. And Nick explains everything in great detail,
so you know exactly what you're doing every step of the way.

#7 - Hardgainers Will Build Muscle Even if NOTHING
Has Worked For Them Before

If you're naturally skinny and have a hard time building mass,
the Muscle Explosion approach is PERFECT. It will force
your body into an emergency situation that DEMANDS muscle
be built, even on the skinniest frame.

#8 - You'll Likely LOSE Fat Even As You Build Muscle and Strength

This program is designed to build mass while maintaining
or LOSING bodyfat. Bottom line is, you're NOT going to
"bulk up" and get fat when doing this program. Follow the
instructions and you'll get bigger and stronger while dramatically
improving your body composition.

Get your copy of Muscle Explosion here...

#9 - Even If You're a Gym Veteran, This Program Will
RE-IGNITE Your Passion for Training Again

If you've been training hard for a long time, your body has pretty
much seen it all...until THIS. The Muscle Explosion program is
designed to harness every single available pathway for building
muscle and strength as quickly as possible. It's like nothing
you've ever tried before.

#10 - This Program is Awesome

There's just no better way to sum it up than that! This program
is extremely challenging, incredibly effective and, if you love
hard training, downright FUN. Totally worth the dirt-cheap price
it is right now.


The bottom line is this...

The next time you go the gym, are you absolutely sure that the
program you're using is targeting EVERY SINGLE PATHWAY for
developing muscle and strength in a highly strategic, synergistic
fashion where each phase builds on the last phase to provide
INSANE levels of systemic growth stimulation?

In other words, do you KNOW your program is awesome?

Or are you doing it because it's just what you've always done...or
the biggest guy in the gym uses it...or you don't know any other
good programs to try...

This is your chance to grab your training by the horns and learn
from one of the MASTERS in the business.

And all for the price of a pizza and some beer.

Grab your copy of Muscle Explosion now

Sign Off
Your Name

Affiliate Email - FAQ Swipe


Muscle Explosion - All your questions about it answered!



Quick heads up about that Muscle Explosion program I emailed
you about...

If you're still mulling it over, trying to figure out whether
this program is right for you, no problem! Nick has put together a
Q&A list to help answer all your questions so you have NO DOUBT
if his program is a fit for you.

I'll let Nick answer the questions from here:


1. Is this program okay for beginners or is it more appropriate
for intermediate to advanced trainers?

Honestly, it is DEFINITELY more appropriate for intermediate to
advanced trainers. Many of the techniques in the program call for
very specific and very challenging training techniques that the body
of a beginning trainer simply is not prepared for.

I would say it would be best to have at least 6 months to a year of
solid training experience behind you before working with this

I won't lie to is a TOUGH program but if you're willing
to work at it, the results will AMAZE you. And the harder you work
at it and the more guts you put into it, the better your results
will be!


2. I'm an advanced trainer but I've hit a plateau in muscle growth.
Will this program help me get past it?

ABSOLUTELY. In fact, when I originally designed this program, that
was my primary goal! help more experienced trainers BLAST PAST
muscle-growth plateaus using highly-targeted combinations of training
and nutrition.

And as an advanced trainer, you will actually have an advantage
with this program...based on my own experience with it, I was
actually getting FASTER RESULTS WHILE USING IT (after training for
17 years) compared to the results I got (with other programs) when
I was a complete beginner and first started training!

Normally, it's a case of diminishing returns as you become more
advanced...gains are "supposed to" come slower, not FASTER. Let
me tell you...that ain't what happens with THIS program!


3. Is this program only for hardgainers? I'm not a hardgainer
but I want to add some SERIOUS mass and strength.

Not at all. Hardgainers will definitely get a LOT out of this
program but it will work EXTREMELY well for people who are already
well-muscled and want to take things to the next level of mass and


4. I'm 16 years old. Is this program okay for me?

To be frank, I would actually recommend AGAINST using this program
until you're at least 17 or 18 (or until you've stopped growing).
This program is VERY challenging to the connective tissue of the
body and connective tissue is more vulnerable when you're still in
your teenage growth years.

When you're ready, this program will help you build a POWERFUL base
and set the stage for YEARS of productive muscle and strength-


5. I'm 65 years old. Am I too old to do this program? Can I
still build significant mass and strength?

The ONLY hesitation I would have with recommending this program to
you would not be based specifically on your age but on current
conditioning. If you're training around injuries and your joints
aren't what they used to be, you could certainly still do the
program - you would just need to be very aware of how your body
responds to and recovers from the training.

Bottom we get older, recovery is slower. By adjusting
the program as you need to (e.g. adding in additional rest days),
you could perform this program just fine.

AND you can DEFINITELY still build significant muscle mass and
strength. Granted, it may be less than when you were younger due
to a variety of factors, but the potential is very much still there.


6. Do I need specific equipment to perform this program? I train
at home and only have basic stuff available.

That's one of the nice things about this program. You DON'T need
access to a giant gym full of equipment. What you DO need is
basic weight equipment like dumbells, barbells, a bench and (ideally)
a power rack. You can certainly get away with not having a rack,
but it WILL be easier to do some of the training WITH a rack.

Let me tell you, I have a nice selection of equipment in my home
gym but when I do the program, I stick to heavy, basic exercises
with simple equipment. It's HOW you do the exercises and put it
all together (and the guts that you put into your training) that
gets you the results.

If you've got basic equipment and the will to push yourself, you
will get GREAT results with this program.


7. Do I need to use supplements on this program?

Supplements are NOT necessary for this program to work. If you can
get all the nutrients you need out of your food, go for it! This
program is NOT based on which supplements you's based on
targeted training and nutritional techniques.

That being said, I DO recommend some basic supplementation to get
the most out of this program. Nothing fancy...just straightforward,
proven stuff like multivitamins, protein, creatine, glutamine and
joint support supplements....basically, things that are going to
SUPPORT your training and nutrition.


8. What happens if I get the program and read through it but find
it's not something I feel I can do? Can I return the program?

DEFINITELY. I want to take ALL the risk out it for you. If you
get it and read through it and find it's not for you. No problem.
You'll get back every penny - no hard feelings, no questions asked.


So that's the scoop on the "Muscle Explosion" program! You can
also read the full rundown on the program by clicking here:

If you have any other questions about the program before you get
it, feel free to drop Nick an email at!



P.S. the "Muscle Explosion" program is revolutionary in it uses targeted nutritional and training techniques
to MAXIMIZE the muscle-building potential of your physiology!

Nick has combined THE most powerful muscle-building techniques that he
knows to not only work WITH each other but to actually INTEGRATE
and AMPLIFY the effects of each other.

Each phase builds on the previous phase to set up MASSIVE gains
in strength and muscle mass.

If you need a COMPLETELY NEW approach to your training,
DEFINITELY check this program out NOW.

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