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The Best Core Exercises
You've Never Heard Of

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The Best Core Exercises You've Never Heard Of

"The Best Core Exercises You've Never Heard Of" is a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the core. It contains 90 insane new exercises including pictures and full video library.

You can read more about this book by clicking here.

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The sales page for this book has 6 exercise video demos on it. These swipes are primarily designed around getting people curious enough to see the demos rather than selling directly. Experiencing these exercises for themselves will allow people to really feel the power of these movements, so you may see more delayed sales than immediate sales as people try out the exercises.

Some of these emails have pictures included in them. You can download and use these pics by right-clicking on the graphic and saving it.

Please note, these emails and images are not for direct use on websites or blogs, just in emails.

Email #1 - Short, Curiosity


6 merciless core exercises
6 of the toughest core exercises you've never done
These 6 core exercises will crush you
Think you've got a strong core? Try these 6 new exercises...


I'm a big fan of tough core training...and by that, I don't mean a few sets of crunches at the end of workout.

I mean stuff that develops BRUTE force through entire midsection.

Stuff that builds your squat and deadlift numbers and turns you into a human forklift.

Stuff that gives you a core that looks like it could stop a bullet.

If you want stuff like this, here's a page with 6 of merciless exercises that build a strong, rock-solid core...


Email #2 - Short Sample


#4 on this page is one of my FAVORITE ab exercises of all time
The "Ab Ripper"...
Think you can handle "The Ab Ripper"
This new exercise will literally SHRED your abs...


This one will trash your core like NOTHING you've ever tried before.

The first time you do it, your entire core was sore for three will feel like a sasquatch has wrung you out like a wet towel.

But MAN does it build core strength.

It's called the Ab's essentially a simulataneous push with one arm and pull with the other. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out big-time. It's incredible.

The video for it is #4 on this page.



Email #3 - In-Email Long Content


"Shrink Wrap" your abs with the Pallof Press Abdominal Sit-Up
Shrink wrap your abs with this insane, new exercise
You'll feel your abs tightening up on the very first rep
Weird exercise to tighten your waist FAST


This combination exercise is literally one of THE best waist-tightening exercises I've EVER found.

You'll find it in Nick Nilsson's book "The Best Core Exercises You've Never Heard Of"...and it's NUTS. You'll find out exactly why they call him the "Mad Scientist of Muscle."

After completing your first set, you will actually FEEL the muscles in your waist pulling inwards and tightening like shrink wrap. It's a very weird, but very awesome feeling.

You're going to be combining an excellent anti-rotation exercise, called the Pallof Press, with a "six-pack" exercise called the Abdominal Sit-Up.

Each of these exercises on their own are very effective...put them together and it's like magic...and it will tighten your waist like crazy.

Nick said I could go ahead and share the exercise with you right in this email...check this out...


How to Do It

First, you'll need a little bit of equipment...a rolled-up gym towel and either a low-pulley cable machine or a training band. Either one will work just fine...he's using the pulley for the demo.

Set the rolled up towel beside the pulley (about a foot away). Set a LIGHT weight on the pulley. You don't want heavy resistance for this one. Going too heavy will actually wreck the exercise and the training effect we're going for.

Lie down with the towel in the small of your back, pretty much right on the waistband of your shorts or pants. Hold the cable handle in both hands, at your chest. The weight stack should be up and already providing resistance.

Your feet should be together, with your knees apart (like a frog stance). This takes the hip flexors out of a direct line of pull, minimizing their contribution to the exercise.

Now the fun part...

Come up into a sit-up...and at the SAME time, move the handle away from your body (this is the Pallof Press).

The towel in your lower back changes the sit up from a hip flexion exercise to more of a spinal flexion exercise (which is what the rectus abdominis, aka. the six-pack abs, do). This exercise puts massive load on the core on it's own but doesn't work the anti-rotational function of the deep muscles (the obliques and transversus).

THAT is where the Pallof Press comes in.

Normally, the Pallof Press is done standing or just move the cable handle from your chest and straighten your arms. The lateral pull of the cable engages those deep core muscles.

It's an excellent exercise...

...and now we've added it to a KILLER exercise that is ALREADY engaging those same muscles as trunk stabilizers.

Come all the way up to the top of the sit-up, keeping your lower back in contact with the towel. At the top, your arms should be fully extended for maximum anti-rotational torque on those deep muscles.

THIS is the "money" part of the exercise.

And I don't care how strong your core is...this combination will CHALLENGE you.

Lie back down under control, bringing the handle back into your chest as you do, then repeat. Do as many reps as you can while keeping good form (likely between 4-8 reps).

Then switch around and work the other side.

Do at least 2 sets of this exercise (or 4). One the second set, start with the side you finished with on the previous one in order to keep the workload even (you'll likely get fewer reps on the second side you work in the set).

When you're done, you will feel those deep muscles of your core "shrink wrapping" inside of you.

It's a very weird feeling but you'll truly know this exercise is working!

Give this one a shot in your next workout...this is a waist-tightening, "total" core exercise that will feel like it's turning you inside a good way...

Watch the video for this exercise here (HIGHLY recommended)'s #6 on the page...



Email #4 - Curiosity With Picture


These abs are just SICK...(amazing pic)
You've never seen abs like this
INCREDIBLE "old school" abs picture
Amazing abs pic from the early 1900's (crazy ripped)


This picture was taken in the early 1900's (colorized)'s the incredible midsection of German strongman Max Sick...

...and yes, those obliques are SICK...and you and I both know they weren't developed with crunches. This is the result of hard, heavy, SERIOUS training.

If you want a core like this (strong and shredded with abs that POP), you need to work with core exercises that focus on developing supporting strength, stability and power in the core.

These exercises have the bonus of also developing the "show" muscles of the core as you can see in that pic.

Want to learn exercises like this?

You'll find SIX of them right here...



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The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of




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