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The Best Shoulder Exercises
You've Never Heard Of

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The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of

"The Best Shoulder Exercises You've Never Heard Of" is a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the shoulders area. It contains information on 76 extraordinary new shdouler exercises.

You can read more about this book by clicking here.

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Got stubborn shoulders? Try these 4 exercises
4 exercises to FIX your stubborn shoulders
4 cool exercises to build your stubborn shoulders
Got weak shoulders? Try these 4 exercises...


Shoulders can be one of the toughest, most stubborn bodyparts
to develop (along with calves).

...So if you have literally NO genetic talent for shoulders...

...If you've had to fight and scrap for every bit of growth
and strength you've gotten in them....

...And if you've tried just about everything "conventional" training
can throw at them without much success...

You need to try these 4 new exercises...

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4 cool new exercises that will FIX your narrow shoulders...
Shoulders suck? Try these 4 new exercises....


Listen, I understand EXACTLY how you feel...

... trust me, I'm not genetically gifted whatsoever in
the shoulder department. I was blessed with an
ectomorph bodytype with naturally narrow shoulders ;).

In fact, I would go as far to say my shoulders kinda suck.

Yet, with the right exercises, I managed to get them to look like this:

And I have to say, the right exercises are NOT always the
"normal" ones that you see everybody else doing.

If you want wider shoulders that naturally slim the waist and
make you LOOK like you could lift a house (or ladies, if you
want to get that shoulder "cap" that looks great in sleeveless
tops)... need exercises that target the shoulders from every
angle in UNIQUE ways that force the muscles to adapt
and grow.

Basically, you need THESE 4 new shoulder exercises...

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