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Metabolic Surge Rapid Fat Loss
By Nick Nilsson - Review


Review by Rahul Alvares

A marvelous book on fat loss, "Metabolic Surge" by Nick Nilsson makes very interesting reading as well. Not a book for the faint of heart, "Metabolic Surge" is loaded with the most intense and effective techniques for fat loss you’ll ever find.

"Metabolic Surge" is about losing fat quickly. Are you smirking? You don’t believe fat loss can be accomplished fast. No, I am not talking of losing ten pounds over the weekend. I am a bodybuilder and I am not interested in losing muscle and water.

I am talking about hardcore results in thirty six days. I am talking about training with techniques so powerful you will be left spellbound as you watch your fat melt away into nothingness.

When Nick decided to write a book on fat loss he knew what he was doing. Why the words "fast" fat loss? If you are a bodybuilder with any experience in dieting and fat loss you should know that over a period of time the body adapts to anything. That means your best results will come mostly in the begining before your body realizes what you are doing!

I have tried ketonic diets that gave me great results for about two weeks. Then my metabolism slowed to a crawl and all my gains came to a screeching halt. I dropped my calories further only to realize that I had now slipped into muscle burning and fat storing mode!

My point is that if you want to keep your gains continuous, you are going to have to trick your body into letting the fat go, not fight a headlong battle against it. After all, you are up against thousands of years of evolution.

Hit, block, dodge, parry, sidestep, and duck. These are the guerilla techniques Nick will teach you in "Metabolic Surge" to keep your metabolism racing and switching in so many different directions, it will be an obvious victory for your fat loss battle. The key – and the part I like most about "Metabolic Surge" – is to keep the body guessing!

Now, if you have tried low intensity exercises for fat loss then you will know that they have their limitations too. Nick has included some amazing intensity training in the cardio section that will most definitely produce results. Complete down to the last detail, "Metabolic Surge" includes everything from nutrition, exercises, reps, to lesser known techniques like "Muscle Rounds," Lactic Acid Training and even overtraining in a controlled fashion.

The "Muscle Rounds" was a very interesting concept for me. Taking advantage of the body in a vulnerable stage, Nick uses "Muscle Rounds" to actually make quick muscle gains on a fat loss program. That’s evil Nick! You don’t need a major calorie deficit on this program. That is because Nick effectively manages to manipulate body hormones to keep the body in a permanent fat loss mode.

The only drawback to "Metabolic Surge" is that is a very intensive program. Though Nick has also included a preparatory section for the novice trainee I still don’t see no old ladies training on this program.

[Authors Note: a scaled-down version of the full Metabolic Surge program has been added since the review. This version is appropriate for a beginner to intermediate trainer.]

Also the low-carb approach makes an important feature in this program. I know from personal experience that the low-carb diet is a difficult act to follow. Some people may not even be able to do so for medical reasons. Nick has included a variation for the people who can’t follow the low-carb method, but I think this will still limit the results you might obtain compared to using the original program.

"Metabolic Surge" is the most excellent compilation of fat loss techniques I’ve ever come across. All the secrets jealously and unfairly guarded for decades by the best fat loss experts, namely bodybuilders, are now available in this one brilliant book. A must have for the bodybuilder who trains with intensity!

UPDATE: Metabolic Surge 2.0

The New Surge packs a punch over the Original Surge like The Dark Knight does over Batman Begins!

What I really like about the New Surge is that it combines one of my favorite books with this truly amazing fatloss program. The book I’m talking about is Specialization Training also authored by Nick Nillison.

For those of you who don’t know already, I am an obsessive compulsive bodybuilder and I can’t deny that I’m not often caught sucking my thumb glued to my computer screen as I combine programs to create the best and most updated one for myself. Only a couple of days ago I had narrowed down my list to EDT by Charles Staley, Maximum Muscle Explosion and Specialization Training by Nick Nillison and Westside Barbell Training by Louis Simmons.

The only trouble is that each one of these programs requires you to be faithful to it for atleast a month if not more. The impatient bodybuilder in me kept nagging at the idea of being able to combine some of these programs. So I sat for hours and in the end I did manage a few decent combinations. I was pleased with myself.

But knowing Nick I should have realized that he was probably thumb sucking his way to some new bodybuilding programs too (except that in his case whilst doing so he probably also had a couple of dumbells glued to his earlobes while he dangled upside down from the cealing chandelier!). So just when I thought I was holding the ten commandments Nick comes chasing down the mountain with the updated list!

What I’m really thrilled about is that the New Surge combines Specialization Training with one of the most effective fatloss programs. Actually the New Surge has about six different programs combining Surge with bodyweight training, level 1 training (a milder version for beginner bodybuilders), Stink training ( for those exercises you suck at!) and Muscle Surge (a version of Surge geared more at gaining muscle; one I’m also very interested in!)

One other advantage of the New Surge is that it incorporates almost all the intensity techniques you would ever have to use as a bodybuilder. And if you know Nick then you know that the New Surge is definitely going to be one of the most brutal violent programs you’ve ever tried out.

Believe me when I say that after you’ve been through lactic acid training, cluster training, high rep partials and triple drop rebounds even a stint at a second world war refugee camp will seem like a pleasant relaxing vacation in the Bahamas!

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