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Our Mission:

To provide you with unbiased reviews of weight training, fat loss, muscle-building and other fitness-related ebooks. These reviews are not advertising or sales letters but are the honest opinions of our reviewer(s). They can help you determine whether a particular training eBook is right for you.

In addition to eBook reviews, we also feature an area for both introductory and advanced questions and answers. In this area, you will find addressed such topics as fat loss, cardiovascular training, muscle building, stretching, sports training and much more!

Who We Are:

Fitness-eBooks.com is owned and operated by BetterU, Inc., which also runs Fitstep.com. Fitstep.com is a large fitness information resource site. Be sure to pay a visit!

We're all about bringing you the most powerful and effective training information you'll find anywhere. We're not here to tell you things you already know or give you ineffective training techniques. We're only interested in what WORKS.

Nick Nilsson - Known as the "Mad Scientist of Exercise" and author of "The Best Exercises", "Metabolic Surge", "Muscle Explosion", "The Best Ab Exercises", "Gluteus to the Maximus" and "Specialization Training".

Nick has been weight training for more than 20 years and has been a certified personal trainer for 13 years. He holds a degree in Physical Education and Psychology.


Rahul Alvares - Lead Book Reviewer

Rahul is an experienced weight trainer and published author ("The Call of the Snake" and "Free From School"). He has been weight training for 7 years and is recognized as one of the youngest successful authors and professional snake catchers in India. His candid and entertaining writing style is informative and witty.


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The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of
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Fat Loss   Muscle-Building   Training and Exercises   Supplements   Free eBooks

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