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Specialization Training
By Nick Nilsson - Review

Review by Rahul Alvares

A most comprehensive collection of the best specialization techniques I have never read about! "Specialization Training" is a must have for every serious bodybuilder.

Think about it - rarely will a bodybuilder develop proportionately in all aspects of muscle and symmetry on a regular routine that demands three sets of six to ten reps. If you care to find out, you will learn that most bodybuilders are regularly using some kind of specialization at any given time or the other – be it training a muscle part like the lower tricep or upper chest, be it full body parts like training for a bigger back, or be it just an overall mass gaining routine or program for getting ripped.

The bodybuilders who have outstanding physiques are almost solely the ones that specialize. The exceptions are the ones with irritatingly good genetics. I have a friend like that who has pecs that pop, and an abdomen with rippling abs. He works out a month in a year and lives on a diet of tea and cigarettes! But other than those that can build muscle on tea and cigarettes, the majority of us have no option but specialization training.

I found Nick Nilsson’s book to be an excellent read. With six different Specialization routines targeting strength gains, size gains and effective techniques to produce growth in lagging and stubborn body parts, "Specialization Training" is essential reading for every bodybuilder who is thinking of making some serious gains.

Nick has a very practical approach to training also. That means you know Nick has tried and tested all the techniques a number of times to know the difficulties you might face and how to work around them and adjust the exercises according to your needs. And, unless I am wrong, I think that almost all the techniques in the book are Nick’s own. At least I haven’t found any of them elsewhere.

But for one thing, all-inclusive though "Specialization Training" may seem, I am sure Nick could dig out and include some more programs into it. I know for sure that there are some more excellent training programs out there that would make lovely additions to an already excellent book. But that is up to Nick. Like I said, maybe the reason for Nick not including more programs is because he has decided to keep "Specialization Training" fully original or maybe there are other issues in using another trainer’s ideas.

The book remains an unfair bargain though. At nine dollars to have access to such routines is a steal, and at the 50% discount he offers it at for being a previous customer, it is practically illegal!


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