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"Fat Loss Troubleshoot" Review
Book by Leigh Peele

The title of this book pretty much says it all. The premise of this book is how to get past the sticking points of fat loss, be they mental, physical, nutritional or whatever.

It doesn't matter if you're male or female, young or old, Leigh's goal is to help you troubleshoot why you're not getting results and take you by the hand so you know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to GET results.

Because let's face it…everybody hits a plateau at some point when it come to losing fat. Its knowing what to DO when that happens that really determines success.

Leigh covers plenty of ground in the book, starting with the basics and moving along to in-depth knowledge. It's written in a very easy-to-understand, conversational way so you won't need to have a PhD to decode anything, which is nice.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Nutritionwise, you're going to learn things like…

  • the TRUTH about carbs and how they affect your fat loss - what is GOOD about different types of carbs and what is BAD. Cutting through the misinformation and confusion about carbs is an extremely valuable section of this book. You will have no doubts what carbs will and will not do for you (and TO you).

  • common-sense information about protein, fats and other nutrients necessary for optimizing fat loss. Knowing how nutrients affect your body is absolutely critical for success. Leigh does a great job explaining things in layman's terms.

  • how to properly and most effectively count calories and measure your food intake. There are some excellent "troubleshoot case studies" in this section of the book so you can see how this advice works in the real world.

  • why a calorie is NOT a calorie. All foods are not created equal and relying on the faulty assumption that you just need a caloric deficit can really throw a wrench into your results.

  • how to use the digestion rates of various foods and nutrients to maximize fat loss. It's not about never eating certain foods with other certain foods - you need to know how fast these digest AND how to use that information to get where you want to go.

  • if you should take in pre-workout nutrients to fuel your workouts or if fasted-state training is better for improving fat use during your workouts as well as overall calorie-burning. The answer might surprise but Leigh backs up her opinion with a study she did on her own clients. Very interesting stuff.

  • the secret tricks supermarkets use to make you shop more and encourage you to buy items that "appear" healthy but, in truth, are not. For example, making the outside aisles (where the GOOD food is kept) colder so that you're encouraged to walk in the warm, middle aisles where the high-profit items are.

Leigh is also very knowledgeable when it comes to training for fat loss. The "Troubleshoot" contains a TON of information on training and exercise as it relates to fat loss.

The "activity quiz" included is going to be a real eye-opener. It'll force you to really be honest about your activity levels during the day and how you can use that properly calculate what your true caloric expenditure is.

Leigh mentions at one point in the book how much of her success as a troubleshooter actually is a result of her being able to properly quantify activity levels and tell people exactly how many calories they really ARE burning during the day. This is extremely valuable knowledge, as you can imagine.

One statement that really jumped out at me (and if you've read anything on this site, you'll see why) is this…

"The LAST thing you should be lifting weights for is to lose fat."

At first glance, this seems crazy. Think of it this way…lifting weights shouldn't be done just to burn calories (i.e. the exerciser's mentality). Lifting weights should be done to build and maintain muscle mass (i.e. an athletic performance mentality).

Sure, you're going to burn calories when you train, but that should be the major goal of your lifting sessions. Leigh and I are in TOTAL agreement on this point.

Leigh has included an excellent training program with the "Fat Loss Troubleshoot" that you can use but is very clear that you can and should work with other programs that you find to be effective (insert shameless plug for EDT here).

If you're an advanced trainer, the training section is going to be mostly a review for you. But if you're just starting out, you're going to get some excellent information on how to perform exercises and how to put it all together in an overall program (cardio training and resistance training).

A short supplement section is also included in the book. Why is it short? Not due to laziness but because Leigh has chosen to include only supplements that have been PROVEN effective. Forget fat-burners and exotic-sounding pills. You're going to get a good primer on basic supplementation.

Overall, the "Fat Loss Troubleshoot" is an EXCELLENT and informative book. If you're having trouble and hitting plateaus in your fat loss efforts, this is a must-have. You'll get a LOT out of it.

The information is excellent and the supplementary bonus material is packed with good advice.


The Metabolic Repair Manual - Review

This book is all about how to take a "broken", poorly-functioning and essentially fix it!

You're going to learn what is slowing your metabolism down and a step-by-step plan to take to address all those reasons, one by one.

This isn't something where she has thrown a bunch of research against the wall and hopes something sticks. I really like the step-by-step approach Leigh has taken here.

The detailed client case studies, which walk you through the cause-and-effect rationale behind "repairing" metabolic problems, are very helpful as well.

The Metabolic Repair Manual

And I have to say, I don't think I've ever heard a better explanation of why you DO want metabolic problems to be your fault…if they ARE your fault, you can FIX them.

Leigh also uses great analogies for explaining exactly how your metabolism works (the queen bee - thyroid hormone analogy stands out in particular). It's the kind of explanation that allows you to really "get it" when it comes to metabolism.

This type of understanding is critical to really addressing any metabolic problems you might be having.

And honestly, after reading through this book, you are going to have a TREMENDOUS knowledge of metabolism and how it works. It's about, as Leigh concludes on the final page, proper research and common sense. This information is based on solid science and knowledge of how the body works.

It's a practical, step-by-step guide to rebuilding your metabolism.


For the price of this package (you can buy the two books separately as well), you are going to get a TON of practical, effective fat-loss information that you can put to work right away.

This is excellent stuff and DEFINITELY worth the price.

You will know exactly what you need to do to smash through ANY fat loss plateaus (yours or your client's, if you're a personal trainer).

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot Learn more about Leigh's books "The Fat Loss Troubleshoot" and "The Metabolic Repair Manual" The Metabolic Repair Manual


About The Author

Leigh Peele is a professional author and trainer who specializes in fat loss and metabolism damage. Leigh Peele received her certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in training. She also has a Nutritional Consultation Certification and in training Special Populations and Weight Management.

A nationally published author in both magazine and online, Leigh Peele is continually raising the bar on her ability to achieve fat loss under any conditions. A leader in research and study in metabolic behavior and recovery she has been deemed the Fat Loss Troubleshooter.

Her clients range from college athletes and professional fighters to housewives and obese seniors. She has led those to figure wins and been the champion to those with personal battles especially with eating disorders. She is who you go to when nothing else has worked.



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